“Fine wine” is not a reflection of price. For me, fine wine a term used to define wines with character–wines that express the history, people, and place from which they are from. Unlike commodity wines made with a consistent flavor profile to please a specific demographic of wine drinkers, “fine wine” in this definition is made to only please itself. Imagine if wine has a voice (and I believe they do) and said, “this is me, this is the best expression of who I am and where I came from, and the people that made me what I am.” That, in essence, is “fine wine.” 

Our fine wine area is a cross-section of wines from throughout the world with personality, wines that express the history of the year they were made and speak to the very specific places, winemakers and vineyard workers that produced them. Opening and sharing one of these wines is to share a story and create a memory that is transcendent of price. Come visit our fine wine room for yourself and see what wine speaks to you.

Peter Freer